Hello: my name is Lauren Blakemore.

I am a University student at the University of the Fraser Valley, where I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in History and a minor in English Literature. My goal is to continue into the Batchelor’s of Education at the University of the Fraser Valley to pursue a career in teaching high school.

I am pursuing a career in teaching because this has always been a passion of mine, and it is a part of my life in various aspects.

A bit about me:

  • I am driven and focused. I work hard to achive a good outcome and see success in not only my own work, but those who work with me.
  • Comminication is something I excel at. I work hard to communicate clearly, effectlvly and in a manner that all those will understand. I also believe that listening is a valuable trait in a communicator and as a teacher this is a skill i work to continually ajust and improve.
  • I am also quite a creative individual. I am creative and therfore also love working with my hands. This is evident in my work, my photoraphy and my passions in life.
  • I am open-minded. I may not agree with you, but I respect your opinions. love exploring new places and cultures and it is important to me to keep an open mind.
  • Skills that are highlighted in my life are: Commuication, Interpersonal Relationships, Leadership, Creative Thinking, and Planning.
Below are examples of my creativity and my attention to detail. All photography is taken by myself.