I started being heavily involved in Aquatics at the age of fifteen. I volunteered, participated in events and competitions, and took every course I needed to go into being an Aquatic Instructor. It was a job I had been dreaming about for a long time.

This interest helped me develop my skills in:

  • Communication: by learning how to communicate to students, parents, team members or superiors in a manner that was effective, and respectful.
  • Planning: I learned how to arrange lesson plans, schedule when to teach certain skills and how-to teach them. I also learned how to adapt to different learning styles and needs of students.
  • Interpersonal: Being a swim teacher taught me strong interpersonal skills. Learning to to work and communicate with my feel workers, how to talk to parents and discuss with them their child’s abilities, but also how to communicate with each individual learner through their experiences and regarding their own personal growth or struggles.
  • Creative thinking: Learning to work with kids has make my skill in creativity a asset to my ability to encourage, inspire and motivate learners. Not only have I needed my creative streak to keep the kids motivated and having fun, but also for how to adapt to learning challenges and for how best to communicate with different learner types.
  • Leadership: Being a swim instructor, also gives you the authority figure and huge responsibility in being a leader. Not only to present yourself in a respectful way, but also through the way you communicate and treat others. Being a leader is not only when being employed but also in your community. Knowing people are looking up to you and have expectations on your behaviour. The willingness to listen and learn and up for continually improving your practices.