Reading & Writing:


I have always been a reader. I remember as a kid my mom reading to me and I quickly wanted to read over her shoulder or begin on my own. Nevertheless, it was not until high school that this became a passion of mine. It took a long time for me to be fully committed to a book. I eventually would sit down and read for hours finishing a book in a day. For me, reading has been a passion because I love learning and developing my skill-base and knowledge of the world. I loved exploring new places through characters, reading about events that happened in the past and studying the work of others. Whether it was a historical fiction book about War, a memoir about life in a concentration camp, a novel about a dystopian world, or a book assigned in class, I generally was fascinated by what I could learn.


Back in High-school, I started writing more regularly. It began with Poetry, mostly spoken word, but later transitioned into fiction and non-fiction. I submit to writing competitions to have it reviewed by professionals, to my university and to Buzzfeed to get a better understanding of the work publishers are looking for.

Another example of my writing was the blog I started but dismantled a few years ago. I wanted to write about my struggles with education, work and how I saw history affecting the fabric of the world in which we live today. It became an opportunity for me to reflect on my own learning and to observe the world in which I was an active participant.