Private v.s. Public

What makes the difference between private lessons at a pubic pool and private lessons at your home?

As an Aquatic Instructor for the last 3 years, I have discovered the difference between the two, and so many parents are continually seeking other options beyond the public system. When asked why I chose to be a private instructor, my answer was it’s something many people want. Many parents have told me that the public system doesn’t either suit their needs or their child. While I still see benefits to the public system, I have also seen flaws


Firstly let’s start with positives to both sides.

Public swim lessons offer kids a social environment and interaction with other kids their own age. Learning in a group can be beneficial to some kids, who either take longer to process information or who need a more competitive, higher energy atmosphere. Lessons are also directly focused towards the whole age group, and therefore can challenge kids and give them a push.

Private Swim Lessons offer kids a more direct and focused time, often with less stimulus when they are in a learning environment. For children who are easily distracted, need more attention or want to learn faster, private sim lessons can cater to those individual’s needs. Lessons can be founded on the basis of who the child is and where they come from, rather than catering to the general age abilities.


Public swim lessons often have some drawbacks. Firstly, they are often not convenient to the families; many times kids cannot have lessons at the same time, not even all the time back to back. Classes fill up very quickly and are often full, meaning that the child doesn’t get the individualized attention they many need. Many kids take multiple times to pass through a level and even if they are advanced, they are not challenged.

Private swim lessons are often more expensive, however, there is more individualized attention and time dedicated to the child. Privately, kids cannot always have competition or they may be asked to perform skills solo while their instructor assists another student. Some students and parents shy away from privates because there are a less social environment and more focus on skill-building.

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