Summer only? Or All Year Round?

As the summer ends, many parents begin to look at the activities to put their children in. With a wide range of sports that include soccer, basketball, volleyball and more with an abundance of Art related activities to choose from, many parents/ kids can be overwhelmed by this decision. To some parents, there are seasons. They live through the busy season and then summer its, and it is a  go go go mentality. However, there is one sport, that many are discussing if it has a set season. Swimming!

For some families, like my own growing up, summer was the swim lesson season! With lessons at the outdoor pool and volunteering in the years to come, our summer’s revolved around the swim schedule. However, when fall hit, it was out of the pool and into school. Is this the correct way?

There are many families who just continually push children through lessons. But what’s the right thing to do?

Here is my advice: what does your child need? For some kids, the pressure and consistency of sports are very much desired, for other kids, this pushing through levels doesn’t work because they are not physically capable of completing the level. Let me explain. Take three children I taught this summer.

  1. The first child, a girl, in this case, was older and stronger. You gave her something to work on and she did it. She remembered what she was taught, and her body understood the motions. This girl is the kind of child who can do many sports throughout the year, each in their season, return to swimming, and still maintain what she had learned previously.
  2. Another swimmer was a younger boy. He had a short attention span and through a period of a few weeks still struggled with basic concepts to you and I. This particular swimmer needed more individualized attention for longer periods and in a consistent manner. In order to see real growth, he needed lessons, a break to grow stronger and develop motivation again, and than a return within a shorter period to practice those skills.
  3. Finally, my third example swimmer, had a continual motivation to learn, the more you practiced with her, the more she learned. This was highly beneficial to stay on top of teaching her as she continued to get batter every minute you practice with her. She needed no time period breaks or season breaks to grow stronger.

For many children, lessons need to be catered to their individual needs. This can include

  • Private lessons to focus on them individually and have fewer distractions around them.
  • Semi-Private lessons to see others, and improve faster, also allows for competition.
  • Group classes which allow for rest periods and more time to think and process what they are learning and being asked to do.
  • Breaks between each lesson set to grow and be stronger
  • No breaks to continually push them

There are many reasons why a child might pass or incomplete lessons. For many, they just need to have the lesson more adjusted to them and how they learn. This is why I teach, why we all teach, to understand a student and help them succeed.

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